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Hello, my name is Nikki

Hello, I’m Nikki, property builder by day, artist by night, super smiley person, and lover of fish finger sandwiches.

Born and raised in Norfolk, I live in the Tas Valley with my partner Nick and our little bundle of energy, George Jack Rascal. A few of my favourite things include snootles and toe beans, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Autumn…as well as fish finger sandwiches!

Having the beautiful Norfolk countryside on my doorstep means I am never short of inspiration. Ideas for my illustrations either come from simply looking out from my studio across the River Tas, from my daily walks with George Jack Rascal around the Tas Valley, or from much loved UK staycations. I also take inspiration from the fantastic weird and wonderful folklore tales of Norfolk.

I have drawn all my life, inspired by the illustrations of Beatrix Potter and Jill Barklem. I’d spend hours poring over their books, wondering if the world of nature had a secret life, not unlike ours. Now, as an artist myself, I look for the whimsy in nature and turn my observations into enchanting illustrations, offering the viewer a peek into the hidden world I used to escape to as a child, creating pieces to spark joy in others and bring a little bit of magic into their lives.

Through school and college, I specialised in lino print which resonates through my love of line work now, but following in the footsteps of my childhood idols, Beatrix and Barklem, in the form of traditional dip pen and Indian ink. The ritual of holding my pen and dipping it into ink to make marks is cathartic, but when dry, it also leaves a raised line, like braille, which I can trace my finger over feeling more connected to my artwork. The more eagle-eyed observer will also notice that I use Morse Code to break up my lines to add interest. The addition of bright washes of watercolour brings my illustrations to life.

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All my work is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking for a personalised gift for a loved one or a gorgeous piece of hand-drawn art to add to your collection, I'm confident that you will find something that speaks to you here.

To follow my story and for the latest updates, please head over and follow me on my social media pages.

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